Before the memories fade even more…

So, we’ve been to Vancouver, that lovely laid back city…let me tell you about Seattle before the memories fade even further!

Seattle was also lovely. Apparently we picked the right week to go… there was no rain, and a good bit of sunshine with perfect-to-me temperatures (us East-Coasters had to pull out our sweaters to stay warm…apparently it was positively HOT to the locals…). We stayed with dear friends (thanks, Lehners!) whose home is perfectly situated for exploring a good bit of the city by foot. Most of the weekend was spent anticipating our next meal (there was a lot of good food), which I’ll talk more about in another post. However, we got a lot of non-food related fun in too — Ferries, Bainbridge Island, toy boat ponds, the Space Needle, Kerry Park and Pike Place Market in among it all. Most enjoyable was seeing old friends, meeting friends I’ve known only online in real life, and meeting new friends as well. We’re quite lucky to have such great people in our lives!


Meeting Rebecca and Molly!


Awesome evening light in Ballard


Pike Place Market


On the ferry to Bainbridge island


Kevin on the Ferry


The view from Kerry Park


Little Luke at Kerry Park


Toy boats at Lake Union


Non-toy boats at Lake Union


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