Little things

Summer is flying by.  It’s been hot, humid and generally gross here in DC, but I keep reminding myself that September is next, and after that comes the best month: October. I just know that cooler weather will be here eventually, so I am slowing knitting sweaters and longing for days of jeans and boots and knitted items to keep me warm.

There have also been little projects here and there – one-offs that, while fairly simple, are nonetheless important.  Birthday gifts and thank yous are some of my favorites to make.

On the back

A simple item, a labyrinth, as a birthday gift for a dear friend.  I used variegated embroidery thread, which makes it so cool to follow along as the color changes.  I finished off the back with a bit of fabric over cardboard and fabric glued down to keep the stitching secure and the unsightly underside hidden, using this post for guidance.   The labyrinth pattern is available at Sublime Stitching, along with lots of other embroidery fun.


Coasters!  The perfect hostess/thank you gift.  We recently visited friends in Seattle (more on that soon!), and I put together these coasters on a Sunday afternoon.  They’re super easy if you have any charm packs of fabric hanging around.  I used this tutorial as a basis for the project, and kind of winged it from there.

Hope you all are staying cool!  Winter is (eventually) coming…


12 thoughts on “Little things

  1. How did I not know you had a blog? I’m so excited to have found it and I think I could make those coasters! I’m not a great sewer, but those look pretty easy. Thanks for the link!

    • The blog has been dormant for so long – I am trying to get it going again! You can totally do those coasters – they’re easy peasy!

  2. Hurray for blogging! Now that we will be 1500 miles (+/-) away from each other, I expect to see more posts to keep me abreast of your activities, lady!

    • Girl, you had better get back to regular blogging, too! Blogging brought us together, it’s gonna have to keep us together. xo

  3. Love the labyrinth! I’ve felt like doing a little stitching lately, but I am forcing myself to finish my big project before I start anything new. Sigh. Maybe in a month?

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