Cherry Jam

Cheery Cherry Goodness
Ah, summer.

I find myself craving refreshing, simply sweet fruity sodas when I come in out of the heat and humidity. (I make my own with strawberry syrup and seltzer – here is a recipe!) I enjoy lingering at the farmers market, deciding whether to buy more radishes or another few cucumbers.  I slather on sunscreen and sit in the shade at the pool, enjoying the breeze that comes off the river.  I want to savor all the sensations (well, maybe not the sweatiness) of the season.

Cooking it down

This is why I love that summer is canning season!  It also happens to be cherry season.  My friend Ann and I got together over the weekend to make cherry jam, and we both agreed that the taste of cherries evoke some pretty wonderful childhood memories.  For me, cherries make me think of summers in Maine, being near the ocean, and cherry pit spitting contests with my dad and my brother.

half for me, half for Ann

The best thing about preserving is that when the weather cools and the days get shorter we can open a jar and spoon out some summer goodness (if it lasts that long – this stuff is pretty tasty!).

All gone.


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