Happy fall, folks! I for one am glad the heat of the summer has ended and that we’re starting to see the leaves turn and feel the crispness in the air.  October is my favorite month, I think!

Since it’s been a while, here is a bullet list of the last few months:


  • Peru and Panama were awesome.  Machu Picchu?  Words can’t really describe.
  • Belated honeymoons are pretty great things.
  • It was hot in DC.
  • We celebrated Kevin’s birthday with karaoke (as usual)
  • Restaurant week was a rousing success with some great meals enjoyed.
  • It was hot in DC.  We also had an earthquake.  And a hurricane.
  • The annual Labor Day sail took us to St. Michael’s, Maryland – a new-to-us destination and a charming town.  We’ll go back!
  • Persistent hip pain led me to a doctor, x-rays, an MRI, another doctor, physical therapy, and the verdict of necessary surgery.
  • It rained. A lot. (That wasn’t so hot.)
  • I finished a sweater.
  • I’m finally getting to go to Rhinebeck (New York Sheep & Wool Festival)!
  • Surgery is set for next Thursday, 10/20.  (It is arthroscopic, so minimally invasive, and my case is “classic”, according to my surgeon.  Hopefully the recovery won’t be too bad!)
I hope to be back in this space while I am home recuperating.  Your prayers, good thoughts & crossed fingers are much appreciated!

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