To be precise

I am really enjoying participating in the NewBee – a group of 12 lovely ladies all relatively new to sewing/quilting.  Each of us gets a month where we send out fabric and instructions on what kind of block to make, and then receive back a stack of quilt squares.   As a result of the last 6 months, I’ve gotten better at sewing in a straight line (no joke), improvisation, cutting accurately, working on my seam allowances, and all sorts of other things that go into making quilt squares.

January’s quilt blocks were for Kathy – and she chose the disappearing 9-patch.  I was excited for this block as I’ve admired it while browsing through quilting blogs and photos on Flickr.  (Although now I need to come up with a different block for my month!)

Block 3 - After

These blocks weren’t a slap-dash affair, by any means.  It takes careful attention to make sure all the points are lined up and the seams are straight.

Block 2 - After

These are my first blocks where precision is super-important – more than in cutting or seam allowances, but also in the actual sewing.
Block 1 - After

It was painstaking (there was much seam ripping), but love the results!  It pays to be precise!


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