Hello again

Happy New Year, friends! (now that January is pretty much over)  Back from my travels, I am getting into the swing of things here in good old DC. Photos of the trip are slowly going up on my Flickr page – please stop by and check them out!

So. 2011. I was startled to realize that we’re not just entering a new year, but a new decade as well. This of course leads me to contemplate the past and the future. The decade departed was eventful – from a newly-minted college grad and two masters degrees to a “real job” and marriage. What does the new decade hold for me and those with whom I share my life? I am looking forward to finding out.

But first, let’s review, shall we? Last year, I set some goals for myself. How did I do?

Being stronger: Win! I ran my first 5K in March, my second in April and my 3rd in July. Yesterday, I ran 4 miles outside in the sub-30 degree weather. A new personal record!

Knitting goals:

  • Fair Isle/Stranded – utter fail. I kept putting it off and the year ran away.
  • A sweater for K – kind of win… I finished all the knitting, but the zipper defeated me. Thankfully, a friend is fixing it all up so he can wear it soon.
  • More sweaters for me – total win! Click over to Flickr and you’ll see a few that have entered my wardrobe in the last few months (as well as Kevin’s waiting-for-a-zipper cardigan).
  • Wedding kitting – total fail. Thankfully, I was able to hand Pia some yarn and she came through with a beautiful shawl.

Other Crafty goals:

  • Cooking/baking more: win! K & I eat in much more often now and are enjoying our kitchen adventures.
  • Sewing: also win! I’ve joined an on-line quilting bee and am getting more andmore comfortable with my machine. The fabric stash is growing!
  • Learning to spin: I had a lesson with my friend Paula and didn’t do so bad. But other things have taken my time… for now I’ve decided to keep on knitting some of the amazing yarn that comes ready-to-knit.

I’d like to again set some goals for 2011. Let’s see…

Fitness goals: I am going to run more races this year. You’ll likely hear more about this soon, but I am training for 10-mile race in April and plan to run a 10-K race in October, as well as more 5Ks. I’m still not sure I’m a “runner”, but my progress in the last year has inspired me to work towards more ambitious goals this year.

Knitting goals: Fair Isle/Stranded. Yep, I really want to conquer this one. Hopefully this year is the year.

Photography goals: I have a fancy new camera and need to learn how to take good photos with it!

Sewing goals: I want to make a quilt this year. I’d love to make more than one, but I don’t want to be too ambitious. I’m still new at this and want to take the time to learn and do it well – not rush and do a sloppy job.

Oh, and  I hope to post here more often, too . . . so see you soon!

So there you have it. I am keeping the goals simple this year – since my biggest goal is to be intentional and enjoy what I I am doing and not be overly concerned with what I “should” have done, or what I didn’t do, or what I still need to do.  Let’s face it – time flies quickly enough without the added stress of thinking about behind you are all the time!




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