Almost finished…

Shortly before the wedding I started a sweater for K.  I bought the yarn for this sweater in 2006/07, and it sat, untouched, even unopened in the shipping box in which it was sent.  I knew which sweater I’d make, I had it all planned out, but really, I stalled on the knitting bit for years.  Can’t imagine why…  oh, right – I’m used to baby sweaters, kids sweaters, and sweaters for moi, who tells folks that I’m 5 feet tall on a good day.  K is over a foot taller than me, which obviously translates into a lot more knitting in order to produce a garment that fits.  Well, I bit the bullet anyway.  The sweater is the Men’s Zipped Raglan from the oh, so erroneously titled Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I knit the smallest size in chest measurement, the largest in length, which wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.  Raveled here.

Chugged along on the body for a while — the knit is 4×4 rib so it’s pretty straightforward.  Made it up to the underarms, at which point I started the sleeves in, oh, June.  The sleeves. Almost killed me. First, the recommended cast on for the smallest size were huge.  I got a few inches in and looked at their circumference around K’s (bony) wrist and knew it was no good.  Riiiiiip.  So now I had to recalculate the stitch count and increases, all in the 4×4 ribbing, not to mention the fact that the pattern in the book was off so I had to adjust things so the ribbing wouldn’t look wonky once it joined up with the body of the sweater. Did I mention K’s arms are long?  Like when I had a sleeve that would fit me, I still had 8 inches to go?

YIP.14 if it were for me...

Yep. and this was just the first sleeve.  Once it was done, I went to join it to the body and….it didn’t work right! I almost had a heart attack.  But fortunately, after some frantic figuring, I simply turned it inside out and voila, it would work.  I probably would have quit right there if it hadn’t worked out.

Men's Zipped Raglan

Once I finally had the other sleeved done and attached, it didn’t take all that long to finish up the yoke and collar.  While I definitely didn’t finish by his birthday, the sweater was all knitted up.  Did it fit?  I was a little worried — my guy is skinny, but was it too skinny for him?  A little blocking later and a big sigh of relief, it would fit just fine!

But K. can’t wear it just yet – I still need to find a zipper and sew it in.  Turns out it’s hard to match brown to brown when browsing the internet…I’ve got to get myself somewhere where I can match up the swatch and get the right color (and then do something with the one I bought that isn’t right!).   Hopefully soon…I want K to be able to wear this now that it’s finally Fall here in DC!

Men's Zipped Raglan


2 thoughts on “Almost finished…

  1. What an accomplishment! I love the part where all you had to do was turn the sleeve inside out and it fit! He’s going to love it.

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