New endeavors…

Back in January I outlined a few things I wanted to work on this year.  Now that we’re almost to August, how am I doing?  Well, I’ve run 3 5Ks – so I’m doing pretty good on that front.  K & I are cooking more at home, so that is going well.  I totally failed at the wedding knitting, but Pia ever so graciously pitched in and made me a Damson, so I wasn’t without a handknit made for the big day.

Other crafty adventures really had to wait until this summer to get any attention, but I’ve ventured into two new areas.

First Spin

Another try

I made yarn!  Paula was kind enough to show me the basics, and I am keen to try my hand with the spindle again.  I bought some fiber over a year ago – so I should get my spin on, yes?

Yes, but there’s another endeavor in my life — and it involves the sewing machine.

Not a square

Many of my flickr friends have been quilting like crazy, and I confess I’ve caught the bug.  I like the two-dimensionality of it (versus garment construction, which seems beyond me right now), and the possibilities of piecing are endless!  Here’s my first try — using instructions from the kit I purchased earlier this month. It’s um, not square at all. And not the right dimensions (it’s anywhere from 1/4 – 1/2 inch smaller than it should be. whoops!). But it was a lot of fun to figure out!  And I can’t wait to make another block.  Many more blocks. In fact, I’ve joined a quilting bee! (I think it’s technically a round robin, but whatever.) 2 blocks a month for the next year (one month I get blocks from my fellow bee-ers) should see my novice sewing skills grow – hopefully in leaps and bounds.

But never fear…there has been knitting.  And if I can ever remember to take photos of it, I will share soon.


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