Looking back, looking forward

Happy New Year!  With 2009 behind us 2010 is looking pretty great if you ask me.

K. and I just returned from a week of sun, sea and sand in Belize.  After a pretty grueling December a bit of a respite was needed.  Now we’re back and I am trying to get my bearings in a very cold DC!    I still have some knitting recaps to share — I finished the Christmas knitting on Christmas Eve and pretty much cleared out the works-in-progress pile (except for a couple projects that will continue to drag on).  But those will have to wait a few days longer.

In life, as in knitting, my slate is more or less cleared.  Looking back on 2009, I see a year of preparation, hard work, belt-tightening (alas, only figuratively, not physically!), and shifting into new roles.  It was by no means a bad year for me, as much as it was a challenging year — I settled more fully into my job and my life with K.  I strengthened some friendships as other relationships drifted a bit, as will happen.  I became a bit more of a DC denizen, having achieved the mark of living here longer than anywhere else since high school.

I’ve got a good feeling about 2010.   Here are a few things I’m looking forward to, and some that I aspire to in this new year:

  • April 24!  Wedding planning is about to hit full swing.  K. and I are so excited about the wedding, but even more so the next step in our relationship.
  • More travel…there’s Aruba, where the wedding will be, and the 2010/2011 New Year’s trip is already in the works.  Plus visiting friends and family all over the US.  Who knows where the year will take us?
  • My job — 2009 was definitely a challenge!  But the year ended on a high (if very busy and a bit stressed) note.  I know 2010 has challenges galore in store and I am looking forward to meeting them head on and becoming better at what I do.
  • I am going to be stronger in 2010.  I’ve been halfheartedly working out, hoping to lose a few pounds here and tone up some muscles there.  Not much progress for not much effort!  I’m using the pressure of a wedding dress to motivate me, and if that’s what it takes, so be it.  So, in 2010 (before April) I will run a 5K.  I’m not making any “I’m going to lose x pounds” promises because that just doesn’t work for me. But a 5K, while chump change to some is a bit of an Everest for me.

Some knitting goals…

  • Two words: Fair Isle.
  • A sweater for K.
  • More sweaters for me!
  • Wedding knitting.

Other crafty goals…

  • Cook and bake more.  Let’s face it.  K & I eat out most of the time.  That’s not going to change this year, barring anything unforeseen.  But when we eat in, I’m looking forward to making some yummy food!  And I love to bake, so watch out for cookies and cakes, and maybe a pie or two.   I got an awesome cake cookbook for Christmas, so I can’t wait to break it in!
  • Try the sewing machine again.  It looks like fits and starts for me in the sewing department.  I’m OK with that, but would like to get a bit more acquainted with my machine and learn some new skills there.
  • Learn to spin.  I’ve been talking about it for a couple of years now, so this year I am going to take a stab at a new fiber skill.

There you have it folks.  May 2010 be a blessed year for you, and may you reach all the goals to which you aspire!


3 thoughts on “Looking back, looking forward

  1. I like your resolutions!
    And especially the ‘be stronger’ and ‘knit fair isle’ ones. 😉 I am also working on the being stronger thing.

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