There’s Something in the Water (Part 2)

Last March K & I went to Boston, as we usually do during tax season (his accountant is up there, back from his days of living in Bean Town).  We stayed with his old roommate, Erik & his wife, Jill.  It was a great weekend, hitting some of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood and getting out and about in the city.  What we didn’t know was that Jill was pregnant! With twins!  The baby girls arrived about a month ago and are absolutely adorable.

Twins are certainly nothing to sneeze at, and warranted a bit of baby knitting.   I’m not sure if Erik + Jill are going to do matchy-matchy with the girls, but I decided to make the same sweater in two different colors.   What better pattern than the February Baby Sweater of Elizabeth Zimmerman fame?  Unlike the wraplans, I didn’t get tired of this knit at all.  The lace pattern is easily memorized and gave enough interest so I didn’t get bored, and I just love the result.  They’re a bit bigger than newborn-sized, but as they’re done in cotton, they should be perfect for late winter/early spring in Massachusetts.

The buttons are from Windsor Button, courtesy of Pia, who was in Boston and had a chance to pick them out (we have a collaborative Windsor Button effort going on, the two of us).  What makes it even more special is that Jill’s great grandfather (I think) was the first owner of that store!


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