A little catch-up

K has suggested I re-name the blog “Jessie Knits…but never blogs about it” or something similar.  It’s true, I’ve been knitting a lot these past months, but have not shared much with you. I’ll try to rectify that this week & next, sharing a some of my knitting triumphs & tragedies from the last few months.

It’s been a busy autumn!  I am blessed to have a job that has been chock full of challenges and projects to occupy my time and mind from day to day.  Between now and Christmas the pace will be even busier, and I’m looking forward to a vacation in a few weeks.   Thanksgiving was a lovely time — K’s family and mine spent the day together (a first!) and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I sure did.  With three soon-to-be nieces at fun ages (11, 8 and almost 5) the day went by quickly!   K took me out for dinner a couple days later to celebrate 5 years together — our last dating anniversary before the wedding!

December has started off quite well — it snowed all day yesterday, and Pia and I braved the elements to check out the Holiday Handmade Mart in Silver Spring.  It was very cold and rather wet, but we each scored some good loot (sadly, no pictures, though).  Last night was the first of our holiday parties (as if things weren’t busy enough right now), and there was a Secret Santa exchange.  I’m not usually the biggest fan of these gift exchanges — I’m always worried that my gift will be “good enough” vs. what others bought for their recipients, and I worry that my person won’t like what I give them.  All went well last evening, though, and I scored a great new Madeleine pan!  I had to experiment today, of course.

They’re not burnt — they’re chocolate!  I also made some lemon ones but forgot to take pics.  They both came out pretty good.  The chocolate came out nice and dense and springy, while the lemon ones were lighter and did not hold together well.  I used 2 different recipes, and I think I’ll have to experiment some more before I find a recipe I really like.  But it’s a good start!  And K. and I have some goodies to get us through the week.


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