Things to keep one’s neck warm

Two more finished projects!

First up, the oh so creatively named Chevron Scarf.  I began knitting this back in May, on my way with Pia to Maryland Sheep and Wool.   This was mostly a knitting-in-transit project — on the metro, in the car, on the plane…and slowly it inched along as the summer progressed.  I finished right in time for it to get cool outside!

Next, a super quick project — the Birthday Cowl from novamade.  Started on Saturday, finished on Sunday.  Easy as pie.  The yarn, Classic Elite Lush, is bound to be warm and cuddly as Autumn comes with full force.  I probably could have dropped a repeat to have it a bit snugger, but it’s fine as it is (besides, I’ve got lots more knitting to get done this fall!)

Heading out of town for the last of the 2009 weddings.  A weekend of driving is looming — hopefully I’ll get lots done and will have more to share next week!


5 thoughts on “Things to keep one’s neck warm

  1. Cool weather is in the forecast for this week, Keep knitting!! You will need more cowls. And you may have just inspired me to finally knit a chevron scarf

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