Things to keep one’s feet warm

Two recently finished projects…

Leafling socks:  These were started in April of 2008, travel knitting for my trip to Italy.  While I loved the pattern, they were too big for me.  Ok, then, socks for mom.  Easy enough right?  Well, then the unfinished first sock had to wait for a try-on (never knitted socks for Mom before!) in July, and then they kind of sat around…for a long time…until I finally finished the first and got the second done in short order.  I finished them back in, uh, May, and they’re still hanging out in my living room.  And Mom was even up for a visit!  I promise she’ll get them before 2009 ends.  Here they are on my feet — a bit roomy, but I have another skein to knit up a smaller pair for myself.  I expect to be done with them sometime in 2011.

Next, a pair of socks started in April of 2009, in remembrance of my trip to Florence during which the socks above were started.  These are super-simple, toe-up, short row heel socks knit up to my knees (which isn’t all that far — I’m short! one of the few times I’m glad my legs are shorter than average…).  The first sock was finished on July 4th; the second went to Germany with me.  I finally bound them off the other day and they’re ready for the quickly-cooling weather we’ve got ’round these parts.

That’s it for socks right now…have got sweaters to finish!


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