Summer of Shawl(ette)s

Last summer was the Summer of Socks.  If you remember, I knit 5 pair in 10 weeks, and it was pretty much all socks, all summer (save for a Clapotis).

I haven’t had much sock mojo lately (save for finishing an important pair — pics of that soon), but I, too, seem to have caught the craze that is sweeping knittersville.

First, I finished the Shetland Triangle (Mom loves it, by the way).

Then it was time for Sheep & Wool and I had to have something – fast.   So I worked up the Storm Cloud Shawlette in no time flat.

This was done in Shibui Knits Sock, on size 8 needles.  Took about 250 yards-ish (1 skein + a bit of a second).

Next, I felt I really should finish some unfinished objects, and so there went a few weeks with hardly any knitting at all, so uninspired did I feel.   Until Laura published a little gem called Milkweed a couple of weeks ago.  And away I went — I had just the right yarn and I wasn’t afraid to use it.  In a little over a week she was done and blocked and worn to work.

Milkweed – used Socks that Rock Lightweight in Just Right Red…all but about 3 yards of a 360-yard skein (I was cutting it close there!).  Used size 3 needles.

Now, I should probably still be working on those works-in-progress.  Fall is just around the corner, don’t you know.  I’d like to have some new sweaters to wear!  But these shawlettes!  So quick!  So satisfying!  Must make more!!  So I cast on for another — the uber-popular Ishbel.

why yes, this is my desk at work!

why yes, this is my desk at work!

I did most of this on Sunday — it’s been a busy week with not much evening knitting time — but it’s growing quickly.  And these colors are made for the autumn, so I’ll have something lovely to wear when I am angry with myself for not having finished either of the two sweaters on the needles currently.

After Ishbel?  Well…I know of 4 babies being born to friends of ours this fall (there may be more…there seems to be something in the water!) and these children must be clothed.  So back to baby sweaters it is.  Or, maybe another shawlette.  This one called out to me on Monday.  And I have the perfect yarn already in the stash (these shawlettes are stashbusters, let me tell you!).

And there is this little event coming up in 10 months, you know, where I wear a white dress and say something along the lines of  “I do” and there’s dancing and cake and all sorts of merriment.  Maybe I should knit something for that.  I remember that I even bought yarn for a project.  Hmmm.  Whatever shall I make?  If only there were such a thing as a lovely piece of knitting that drapes ever so gracefully across one’s shoulders….


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