News flash!

I am getting married one year from today!  In Aruba!!  Hurrah!!!

(That is all.)


Wait, no, that’s not all.  I decided on the Storm Cloud Shawlette (and keep wanting to spell “cloud” c-l-o-w-d. Weird.) .  The Springtime Bandit is a must-knit, too, just not in one week!   Pictures soon.  It’s gonna be pretty!


Can you tell I’ve had too much caffiene?!  No?  Well, I have.


5 thoughts on “News flash!

  1. Wow–congratulations!

    And I was gonna vote for the clowdy shawl…I mean, the cloud shawl.

    Also, speaking of spelling, it’s w-e-i-r-d.

    Your friendly neighborhood editor ;-P

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