must knit…but what?

I’ve been pushing hard to finish the Shetland Triangle.  I mean, Mom’s birthday was in November!  I’m halfway through the edging, so a few more rows + bindoff, then blocking.  I can do this!

But………Maryland Sheep & Wool is in less than two weeks!  I’ve suddenly decided that I need something handknit for the occasion, but what?  I don’t have time for a sweater.  Do I have time for another shawl in 10 days?  Could be good seeing as how the weather in early May is iffy…but I just don’t know if I’ll make it in time!

I’ve got two possibilities, one simple and one not so much:

1) The Storm Cloud Shawlette.  I’ve seen a couple of these in person and they’re simple but very lovely.  Plusses — no gauge swatch necessary!  No purling! No blocking required!  All things that can speed up the knitting process.

2) Springtime Bandit. After my Tuscany was mistaken for this last week, I was intrigued and very much want this shawl.  Plusses — very pretty! Does not look terribly difficult!  No laceweight needed (aran weight called for)!  But it is definitely more invovled than the Storm Cloud…might be a bit risky!



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