It’s been a great weekend.  The weather finally turned nice so we got to play outside a bit.  K. and I went to a movie and dinner with Pia and her guy, had a lovely time.  I cleaned my closet — a big deal since it’s been on the to do list for MONTHS.  Went to yoga with Pia today, too, which was awesome.  It was my first time going to yoga for more than a year, but I’m hoping today was just the beginning of a consistent practice.  I’ve known for quite a while that my body needs to be strenthened and needs to see more exercise, but am only just now getting serious about doing something about it (more than sporadic Wii Fit playing!).  With summer looming on the horizon and a wedding a year away (I’m told the time will fly), it’s time to get myself into an intentional exercise routine.  Wish me luck (and a spirit of perseverance)!

I’ve been in a holding pattern with some knitting lately (no pun intended) — trying to get thorough some projects before moving on to others.  My mind is also moving from sweaters to summer knits (although I want to finish the two sweaters on the needles as well!), but it can’t go far from anything until I finish a Very Important Project.

When we last saw the V.I.P., it was about this big:

I had Eliot’s sweater to finish, and Ethan’s sweater to do, and the lace soon became to unweildy for travel knitting.  But I would do a row here, purl forever there, and this week I realized I had reached the 11th repeat and that it is almost time for the edging.  Hurrah!

So hopefully the knitting will be done in the next week or so, and then it will be some time for blocking!


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