hello, friends!

I did not mean to be away so long — a month!  March came and went in a bit of a frenzy…a visit to Boston, a weekend in Las Vegas, all sorts of stress at work, and my seeming inability to document stuff with photos contributed to the blog silence.  I’m popping in to say hello, update the blog photo (no more snow!), and say I hope April will be a better month blog-wise.

Spring has really arrived here in DC, and boy does that make me happy!  We worked out on the balcony yesterday, cleaning up from the winter, transplanting some plants, planting new herbs, tomatoes and this year we’re going to try strawberries!  It’s so nice to look outside and see green in our planters as opposed to brown dead stalks.  Didn’t take any photos (see above), but maybe I will once it’s cleaned up a bit more (there was a good bit of soil spillage…)

The Cherry Blossoms are out in full force, which means so are the tourists.  My dad and his wife are visiting this weekend to take in the sights.  It promises to be a beautiful day, and we’ll be getting some exercise!  So happy Sunday, wherever you may be.


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