Happy March, folks!  Here in DC (and much of the area) it’s certainly coming in like a lion!  We have had no appreciable winter weather in the city this year, but if the predictions come true the next day could make up for it.  I doubt there will be a snow day in my future though; if the metro is open I can get to work, so no excuses for me!

So the last week kind of disappeared there, didn’t it?  Work, which until last week had be reasonable in its demands, was crazy.  I knew this was coming down the pike, but it still takes it out of me to increase my hours by about half.  That and the fact that the cold I thought I was over came back with a vengance and I felt like crap.  Blah!  But I’m still kickin’ and think I really am on the mend now.


Last month, I posted about a slew of projects lying around in various states of un-finishedness.  Helen suggested I join Mission Possible over on Ravelry, and I took her advice — the goal is to identify 12 projects you’re going to tackle in 2009, deal with them or donate them by the end of December.  I had 11 projects, but since it was February, I figured that was not a big deal — one month in, one fewer projects.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve dealt with three projects already!

1)  Eliot’s sweater:

Done!  It should arrive in Bowling Green on Tuedsday, and I’m hoping it still fits Eliot for what remains of winter in KY.  2 Skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash (with yardage to spare!).  (Raveled here)

2) Socks:

These are the last pair of socks from the Rockin’ Sock Club of 2008.  I cast on while on the plane to Zurich on Christmas night.  A fun pattern, not especially difficult, but took me a while to finish anyway. I didn’t join the RSC’09, not because I didn’t like the club or the colors but because I didn’t feel that spending $200+ for 6 pair of socks (however exclusive) was a good investment for me right now.

3) Isotope Hat, before and after:

This was going to be a Christmas gift.  Didn’t get done.  I’ve got one already in a fiber I like better than this Cascade (which is lovely, but a bit scratchy on my forehead).  Wasn’t inclined to finish it, so figured the yarn can be repurposed for something else.

So, three down, eight to go.  Next up to finish is my mom’s shawl.  I’ve made progress — only one or two repeats to go!  I had hoped to have it done by now, but figured a growing child’s sweater was more important to finish than my mom’s shawl — she’s not going to grow out of it!


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