a year later…

When we last saw our not-so-intrepid novice sewer, she was having trouble with a straight edge — both cutting and sewing.  I put away the sewing machine and steadfastly ignored it for months.

The desire to try again started growing in my mind, though.  I should give it a whirl, now that I had a rotary cutter and cutting mat and a good bit of time between me and my frustration.

So yesterday I unearthed the sewing machine and table, found my fabric, and took a deep breath.

and took the plunge.

(is that a straight seam I see??)

piece by piece

wood grain interior

the finished product with a vintage button

I am so pleased with the result!  I cut the pieces an inch too small lengthwise so it’s a bit smaller than the directions called for, but it didn’t affect the process of making it, so no big deal.  I love the look — inside and out.  Couldn’t find the elastic I had procured a while back, so used a hair elastic — perfect color!  The fabric I bought in November of 2007 at Purl.    It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a start.  And it was much less painful than my experience of a year ago.  Might have to do it again soon!


5 thoughts on “a year later…

  1. It really is the cutest little purse! And great fabric choice. I am envious of your sewing machine plunge, I keep telling myself I am going to try sewing again and I still haven’t. It is going on the list!

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