Stage 2

Went to the doctor yesterday, who surmised from my lack of symptoms other than a sore throat and Kathleen Turner-esqe voice that I have a virus hanging out somewhere around my voicebox.  Fun.

Today I think I shoudn’t have bothered with the professional opinion since I seem to have developed a full-blown headcold overnight.  Yuck.

At least my lungs are still clear.  Fingers crossed.

Making progress on various knits.  Sewing up Eliot’s sweater, getting a row done here and there on Mom’s shawl (the rows are getting longer and longer!), sneaking in a bit on some socks I haven’t shown you yet.

While I was home sick on Friday (yep, Stage 1 had knocked me for enough of a loop to call in sick…hopefully Stage 2 won’t!), I did some organizing — putting away all the circular needles that had worked their way out of the binder, the interchangeable needles (that are so handy when switching sizes for cuffs & such!) that had gathered on the coffee table, as well as putting away leftover yarn from old projects and consolidating my yarn back into the spare room (it had somehow spread itself pretty much all over the apartment).  The most important thing I did, though, was gather all my unfinished objects (or at least the ones I think I want to finish and not rip out) into one place.

11 items.  Eleven.  What is wrong with me?!

one forlorn (but really warm) blanket

4 pairs of socks

one winter hat

one summer top

one adult sweater

two pieces of lace

one little one’s sweater

Some of these I’ve blogged,  some I haven’t.   I’m gonna blog about all of them, though, since I’m not going to start any new projects until I’ve decided what to do with each of these.  I’ve got a bit of plate-clearing to do before I start planning new knits.  (And I’d better get a move on because there are things I want to do with yarn that’s calling my name!)


2 thoughts on “Stage 2

  1. Eleven means you’re just right for Mission Possible over on Ravelry!
    We pick 12 items in January that we must finish in the year. You could skip one, since it’s February…

    Or… True Confessions WIP Edition…

    Or just do a full confession w/ pictures here 🙂

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