a quick knit…

…or, what happens when K is in Europe for 10 days.

The pattern is o w l s, by Kate Davies of needled, which when she first posted her prototype on her blog back in November nearly made me swoon.  She released the pattern in late January, and all other current projects notwithstanding, I had to cast on ASAP.  Size 10 needles, bulky yarn knit in the round, the sweater nearly knit itself!

I love it.  It is a heavy sweater.  Super woolly.  Good for jeans, but I also wore it to work on Thursday (as noted).  One of my coworkers saw it and commented how much she liked it, and couldn’t believe I’d made it.  I took that as compliment.

The yarn is Rowan’s Purelife British Sheep Breeds, an undyed yarn straight from the sheep.  It’s a bit on the scratchy side, but not prohibitavely so.  Knitting it up was fun — I was reminded the whole time that this was wool, not anything over processed.  I could see knitting the pattern up in a softer, more delicate yarn as well (maybe I’ll do that one of these days).

So, my first official FO of 2009 — a sweater!  Hurrah.


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