the week so far

Here are a few words to describe the week…

Throat is scratchy.

Not bad enough to stay home.

Going to bed early every night (hoping not to get sicker) cuts into the knitting time.

So does working late (only one night so far, thankfully).

Making progress on works in progress.  Slowly.

Wearing a new sweater today.

Can’t wait to get good pictures and show you all. (It’s a hoot!)

It’s a very warm sweater.

It’s freezing in the office.

I’m drinking hot honey and lemon.

Wish there was something a bit “stronger” in there if you catch my drift.

Oops.  Just spilled some on my keyboard.

Guess I don’t need anything “stronger” to be a klutz.

Tomorrow’s Friday (already?!).

Hope I make it that long!


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