that’s a yawn, not a roar.

that’s a yawn, not a roar., originally uploaded by jessiespress.

Another teaser from the Africa photos (I’m getting through them, really I am!)

This guy attracted lots of attention, but couldn’t be bothered by any of the Land Rovers that hovered around him as he woke up from a nap. When I finally share the rest of the photos, you’ll see that he was such a cool cat that he strutted right in front of our truck as he crossed the road!

As far as the yawn goes — I with the king of the animals here! So happy it’s Friday. This was my first 5-day week at work since before Christmas, so it’s been a long one for me. Very much looking forward to the weekend! Hope you enjoy yours.

Next week: more photos, and perhaps a finished sweater (and it’s not even one of the ones I’ve blogged about this week)!


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