I love texture

Two more current projects — about as different as each can be from each other.

First, two months past her birthday, my mom’s birthday present:

I am really enjoying knitting this Shetland Triangle shawl.  It’s not too complicated, but I think it will turn out beautifully for my mom.  She chose the color, which is in JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk.  It’s quite pleasant to work with; the wool makes it sproingy and the silk makes it nice and smooth.  I’m hoping to finish it before we reach three months past her birthday!

Next, a new sweater for me.  I had been eyeing the Notre Dame De Grace (ravelry link) pattern for quite a while (since the Summer 07 issue of Interweave Knits came out, actually) but it never seemed to get to the top of the queue.  I finally bought the right yarn for it (more Malabrigo, of course) and got started in November.  I got through the back before being distracted by holiday knitting and picked it back up this weekend, getting started on the sleeves.  I’m about 60% done with the sleeves, which is good news as I’m doing them at the same time…then just the front and the collar, and voila, a new sweater (why do I have the feeling it’s not as easy as it sounds…)

As I was uploading the photos (love my new camera so far!), I noticed just how interesting the textures of both projects are.  The unblocked lace only hints at what the finished item will look like:

and the double seed stitch of the sweater are sturdy and promise good, dependable warmth:

I love this about knitting.  Different yarn, perhaps different size needles (actually, both projects are being knit on size 7s!), and the mere manipulation of stitches create such different effects and feels.  Love love love.


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