Getting back on track…

So this is a knitting blog, right?  Kinda surprising since there hasn’t been much knitting featured here lately.  One hurdle to rectifying that has been removed — my new camera has arrived!  I’m glad to be back on the picture-taking wagon.  To get back in the groove of blogging about the knitting, I’m working updating my WIPs.  There’s several projects I haven’t even mentioned!   Here’s one to start:



I started this sweater (Get Ziggy from Jujube & Lolo) around Thanksgiving.   It’s for Eliot, who is quickly growing!  Hopefully, having knit this at the 12-month size for a 7-month old, he’ll be able to wear it for the rest of the winter.  It’s been an easy knit, and only needs to finish blocking, be sewn up and have the collar finished.  Sweet!

(more soon when I have more daylight to photograph stuff…)


3 thoughts on “Getting back on track…

  1. Ohhhhhh! I like that cable A LOT! I have a nine month old niece who may need this sweater…
    This week looks good for me, but I’ll have a better idea on Monday, when I assess exactly how insane having a new acting-Chairman will be!

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