Remembrance & Anticipation

from Prison Island, originally uploaded by jessiespress.

Here’s a view of the Indian Ocean from Changuu (Prison Island), an island a few km off Zanzibar. Now that we are into the long stretch of winter following the holidays, waiting for warmth to seep back into the air, I find myself gazing at this photo quite often! I’m not in a terrible rush for it to get warm again — I have sweaters I want to knit and wear before it gets hot! — but I do like the reminder that the cold winter won’t last forever.


3 thoughts on “Remembrance & Anticipation

  1. Gosh that’s lovely.
    I hadn’t really wanted to go to India before — I’ve been curious, but somehow I keep imagining it as a dusty place.
    NOW… .now I want to go. The depth of the colors! ahhhh. A wonderful balm to ease the blah of the perpetually gray landscape

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