Soup of the Month

Last month (only last month?) was my birthday, and I received from my dear friend B. a cookbook chock-full of soup recipes.  Br. Victor-Antoine d’Avila-Latourrette’s Twelve Months of Monastery Soups has well, twelve months worth of soups — from simple veggie soups to more complex cream-based soups to refreshing cold soups for the summer.  This gift, along with a fantastic new soup/stock pot from K’s parents has inspired me to embark on a year of soup experimentation.  Every month I’ll be trying at least one recipe from the several choices in that month’s chapter of the book.   I can’t wait to see how much I learn and how well I’m going to eat!

This month’s installment begins today with Artichoke & Potato Soup.  So far so good — the room smells fantastic and it was pretty simple to put together.  Dinner’s going to be simple: the soup, dinner rolls (soup and bread go so well together, and being home all day provided the luxury of baking some bread from scratch — something I rarely do), and blondies for dessert.  Oh, and the rest of the bottle of Pinot Gris after adding the called-for amount to the soup.  What could be better?


One thought on “Soup of the Month

  1. Glad you like the cookbook. There was no way I could walk past that and not get it for you…who else could better appreciate the mix of sacred and sustenance? Enjoy!

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