Where to Start?

Happy New Year, friends!   I’ve been back home for a week now and am finally reacclimated to the cold weather and dreary skies, having left behind gorgeous weather and very warm temperatures.  I left a country where my electricity was rationed and my connectivity to the outside world was minimal and arrived in a city positively abuzz with the feel of history being made.  I’m not quite sure where to start!  So here are a few items, and hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things soon.

~ I’m watching the Inaugural Concert on HBO.com instead of being crushed in the HUGE turnout down the street at the Lincoln Memorial.  Fighting my way into and out of the Foggy Bottom Metro station was enough of the crowd insanity for me.  The concert is still giving me the shivers, but not the cold kind…the patriotic kind (I was just watching the Marian Anderson clip, then Renee Fleming.  Total chills.).

~ I’m on day two of my four-day weekend thanks to MLK day and Inauguration day.  It’s a lovely way to work myself back into the normal-life swing of things.  Since I didn’t score tickets and am not even allowed into my office building on Tuesday (it’s on the parade route and accessible only to pre-cleared folks), I’m going to hang out at home, stay warm, and watch everything on TV, knowing it’s happening mere blocks from my living room.

~ I’m going to catch up on all the household stuff that hasn’t been done since before my vacation…what a luxury!

~ I’m working on the 600+ pictures I took while on safari.  It’s taking a little bit of time, needless to say!

~ Vacation was awesome.  Amazing.  I’m still trying to gather my thoughts to share it with you.

~ I’m revving back into knitting…didn’t get much done in Africa…something about the constant heat made it hard to pull out the needles and make any progress.

~ No pictures of current WIPs.  I kinda dropped my camera in the Indian Ocean.  Oops.  A new one is on its way, but with the craziness in town, who knows when it will arrive (virtually no UPS, FexEx or USPS is getting through to my ZIP code until Wednesday).

~ I do have one picture for you.  I got a very special gift on Christmas Eve…

Its perfect!

It's perfect!

No date, very few plans, but I am a very happy bride to be! (I think the groom is pretty chuffed as well).


7 thoughts on “Where to Start?

  1. Congratulations!!!! It’s a beautiful ring.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your trip and see the pictures – what an amazing experience it must have been!

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