the best laid plans

I had great plans to do lots of holiday knitting.  Managed to get a project done by Thanksgiving, even (see Christmas Mittens).  Was going to knit a few hats, some wrist warmers and maybe a hot water bottle cozy.  Heh.

I’ve got one hat done — meant for someone else but due to a yardage shortage (my fault) it is now adorning my own head.   I needed a new hat anyway.

Have the back and almost front of a cute sweater for a cute kid that lives in KY.  You’d think sleeves for a 6 month-old wouldn’t be too difficult! (Beth, if you don’t want to be surprised, let me know and I’ll post pictures.)

Tried a hot water bottle cozy with bulky yarn that I’ve had sitting around for ages.  Couldn’t figure out my pattern-of-my-own-making out and abandoned ship before getting too frustrated.  Bought a cute hot water bottle cozy (hand-made) on etsy.

Have another hat half done, but while knitting decided on a different gift for the recipient.  That saves time!

Started a sock to go with a mate I finished back in May.  It’s toe-up — still working the toe increases.  No Christmas socks this year…

Cast on for my mom’s birthday present (her birthday was in November).  This is meant to be my in-flight vacation knitting so I’m not feeling too bad about not being further along, but still…there’s not much there yet.

Maybe if I had two hours at once during which I could sit and knit I’d actually make progress on something.  Ha. That’s a funny one.

If there was any decent daylight, I’d take and post some pictures.  Striking out there as well.  Maybe this weekend?

(Can anyone tell I need a vacation?)


2 thoughts on “the best laid plans

  1. sounds like you DO need a vacation!!! i can hear the african drums a-playing 🙂 oh wait … was that last year?

    & i’m all about ruining surprises. mitch let me open my christmas present from him today & i basked in the glory of an early gift! my mom would have a heart attack but she doesn’t need to know! so post away if you’d like. it’s killing me not to post progress on my (measly 2) handknit christmas gifts!

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