Is it me, or are the days flying by at a ridiculous pace?  Christmas is here next week!  Eek!  I’ve done no baking, written nary a holiday greeting card, and am unsure if either one is going to happen this year.  I had grand plans of baking up a storm this past weekend and getting all the cards out the door by now.  Then the craziness of work took over my life (worse than back in September, if you remember my telegram).  Work is slowing down again (thank the lord!), but all the stuff  (at work and at home) that must be done (i.e. other than baking and card signing, etc.) needs to be addressed this week.  Whew.  I can’t imagine why I’m so tired!

All is not terrible, though!  My dad and his wife come to visit on Saturday.  As busy as it is these days, it’s a good time for them to visit since otherwise we’d go the holiday season without seeing them.  K. and I don’t usually do a lot of decorating for Christmas since we tend to be on vacation, but since there is company, I decided there must be some festive effort made.

It ain’t much, but it’s Christmas!

(I can smell the cookies my next door neighbor is baking.  I’ve got aroma envy.)


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