because it’s thursday

And I’ve got nothin’. (nothin’ I can show, anyway…)

100 things that I may or may not have done.  This has been floating around the blogs; thought it would be good procrastination.  It was.

  1. started my own blog – clearly
  2. slept under the stars – yup
  3. played in a band – yup
  4. visited hawaii – nope
  5. watched a meteor shower – yup.  Mom and I got up in the middle of the night to go see — it was pretty spectacular!
  6. given more than i can afford to charity – yes, but not often enough.
  7. been to disneyland/world – yup – whichever one is in Florida.  I was 13, and came back with the chicken pox, which I then shared with my 17 year old brother (so nice of me!)
  8. climbed a mountain – hmm.  I’ve been on top of several mountains (in the alps, in Maine, and other places), but I don’t think I really climbed them.
  9. held a praying mantis – don’t think so.
  10. sung a solo – yup
  11. bungee jumped – yup.  was one of the worst experiences of my life.
  12. visited paris – yup.  haven’t been in 10 years, though…would love to go back.
  13. watched lightening at sea – yup.  Kinda scary, kinda cool.
  14. taught myself an art from scratch – if knitting is an art, then yes.
  15. adopted a child – no, although I was convinced I was adopted for a while as a child.
  16. had food poisoning – unfortunately, yes.
  17. walked to the top of the statue of liberty – nope.
  18. grown my own vegetables – yup
  19. seen the mona lisa in franceyup.  kind of underwhelming.
  20. slept on an overnight trainyup
  21. had a pillow fightyup
  22. hitchhiked – nope.
  23. taken a sick day when you’re not ill – shamefacedly, yes (although it was worth it!)
  24. built a snow fort – yes, or at least tried to.
  25. held a lamb – no, but it sounds like something I would like to do.
  26. gone skinny dipping – nope
  27. run a marathon – heck no.
  28. ridden in a gondola in venice – never been to venice
  29. seen a total eclipse – maybe, of the heart…
  30. watched a sunrise or sunset – yes
  31. hit a home run – only on the wii.
  32. been on a cruise – if you mean on a catamaran with K as captain, then yes.  Carnival cruises? no.
  33. seen niagara falls in person – oh, yes, the fun we had back in college
  34. visited the birthplace of my ancestors – if you count stopping in Strasbourg, France on the train, yes.
  35. seen an amish community – I don’t think so.
  36. taught myself a new language – unfortunately, latin didn’t take the first, second or seventh time I tried.
  37. had enough money to be truly satisfied – hmm.  this is a hard one.  I would like to be able to pay off my debt and have a bit more financial freedom, but when it comes down to it I have enough to eat and keep warm on cold nights and go adventuring.  I am most fortunate and when I think about that I can’t but be content.
  38. seen the leaning tower of pisa in person – yup – it definitely leans!
  39. gone rock climbing – yes, indoor only, though.
  40. seen michelangelo’s david – yep. amazing!
  41. sung karaoke – heck yeah.
  42. seen old faithful geyser erupt – nope.
  43. bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant – I don’t think so
  44. visited africa – not yet, but wait a few weeks (24 days)!
  45. walked on a beach by moonlightyup
  46. been transported in an ambulanceyup
  47. had my portrait painted – nope
  48. gone deep sea fishing – nope
  49. seen the sistine chapel in person – nope
  50. been to the top of the eiffel tower in paris – yup!
  51. gone scuba diving or snorkeling – nope, but considering doing some snorkeling when on vacation.
  52. kissed in the rain – probably
  53. played in the mud – ick, but yes
  54. gone to a drive-in theater – yup
  55. been in a movie – nope
  56. visited the great wall of china – no, but want to!
  57. started a business – no, but I think about doing it some day.
  58. taken a martial arts class – tae kwan do – the best shape I’ve ever been in!
  59. visited russia – not yet
  60. served at a soup kitchen – yup
  61. sold girl scout cookies – nope
  62. gone whale watching – not intentionally, but saw some while on a sailing trip
  63. got flowers for no reason – don’t think so
  64. donated blood, platelets or plasma – no.
  65. gone sky diving – no, and after the bungee jumping I don’t think I will
  66. visited a nazi concentration camp – no, but would if I had the chance
  67. bounced a check – no, thank goodness
  68. flown in a helicopter – yes, a long time ago
  69. saved a favorite childhood toy – yes – good ol’ Strawberry Shortcake
  70. visited the lincoln memorial – yep, it’s not hard to do when it’s right down the street.
  71. eaten caviar – yep
  72. pieced a quilt – no, not yet.
  73. stood in times square – yep
  74. toured the everglades – nope
  75. been fired from a job – nope (thankfully)
  76. seen the changing of the guards in london – yep
  77. broken a bone – does fracturing my skull count?
  78. been on a speeding motorcycle – nope (not planning on it either)
  79. seen the grand canyon in person – nope, not yet
  80. published a book – can’t say that i have
  81. visited the vatican – nope
  82. bought a brand new car – nope
  83. walked in jerusalem – someday I hope to…
  84. had my picture in the newspaper – yep
  85. read the entire bible – yep
  86. visited the white house – nope.  should though.  again, right down the street.
  87. killed and prepared an animal for eating – nope, although we almost had a crab or two (they got away)
  88. had chickenpox – see above re: disneyworld
  89. saved someone’s life – don’t think so
  90. sat on a jury – not yet
  91. met someone famous – hm.  I feel like I have so I’ll say yes, but I suppose it makes a difference what “famous” means?
  92. joined a book club – yup, on Ravelry
  93. lost a loved one – yes, sadly
  94. had a baby – nope
  95. seen the alamo in person – i’ve never even been to texas
  96. swam in the great salt lake – nope.  never been to utah; not really a swimmer.
  97. been involved in a law suit – only as a legal secretary, editing briefs!
  98. owned a cell phone – duh
  99. been stung by a bee – yep
  100. rode an elephant – yes, when i was in thailand.

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