Rush rush

I feel like I’m in a rush lately.  How much can I cram into a few short hours?  How much work can I get done before I leave for the day?  How many pages of my book can I read?  How many rows can I knit?

All the rushing isn’t yielding much productivity.  Funny, eh?  I think the product has actually decreased, which makes me feel like I need to rush more to catch up.  This is not a good cycle to be in.  I need to stop, breathe, and relax.

We’re heading to Chicago this weekend for (another) wedding.  Friends of K’s who have become good friends of mine as well (I love it when that happens!).  We get to see K’s family (maybe get to see some niece-sweaters in action?).  I am thoroughly looking forward to the change of pace.  For the next three days, I am on someone else’s schedule.  The airline’s (fingers crossed that they don’t toss their schedule out the window), K’s family’s, and the wedding party’s.  It will be a different rhythm.  I can feel myself start to relax…(but first I have a million things to do!)


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