It has been another glorious autumn weekend here in the DC Metro Area.  Cool-but-not-cold temperatures (aka sweater weather!!), cloudless and startlingly blue skies, and the smell of fallen leaves in the air.

Yesterday, K and I met up with Pia and her husband to go for a drive in their new Mini Clubman (surprisingly comfy considering 2 of the 4 of us are over 6′.  Probably helps that the other 2 of us are rather short).  We went out to Loudon County in VA (about an hour’s drive), home of some of the many Virginia wineries, orchards and other opportunities to stop and taste and pick one’s own fruit.  Amazingly enough, I think this may have been my first time apple picking!  It was good fun — enough of the lower hanging fruit had already been harvested so we all took turns climbing trees to get at the good stuff.

Pias Tall Guy is in there somewhere

Pia's Tall Guy is in there somewhere

My Tall Guy

My Tall Guy

I have some baking to do — lots of apples and some pears made their way into my kitchen.  I especially like these — the one on the left is huge!



After a wine tasting (VA wines are mediocre at best…) there was some pumpkin picking:

Pia picks a winner

Pia picks a winner

I pick a winner (but not a pumpkin)

I pick a winner (but not a pumpkin)

More pictures of the weekend, along with pics of the animals at another stop (what’s agritourism without some pigs, roosters, turkeys and cows?) are here.

There has been knitting, but no pictures.  Trying to get a sweater done so I can actually wear it now that the weather for sweaters has arrived; attempting some holiday knits that aren’t being very cooperative; and trying to stave off the desire to start several new projects at once.  Hopefully some pictures and concrete progress this week.


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