A moment to breathe…

I’ve had a fairly relaxed weekend, which, considering the craziness of the last couple weeks at work, is extremely welcome.  Having worked nearly an extra work week of late hours and weekend days since the start of the month, it’s nice to catch up on sleep and get basic things (um, laundry) done around the house.  Hopefully this week will be better than the last two, although I don’t see things slowing down all that much for the next month or so.  Ugh.

It hasn’t been all bad!  Had a great evening with Pia (and her crazy dog Annie) this week — a very welcome night off working late — a barbeque to celebrate the upcoming wedding of some friends, and a lazy afternoon napping yesterday afternoon.  Made it to church this morning, which was lovely, and am now watching baseball and getting a few rows done on a few current projects. We’re going to make eggplant parmesan from the fruits of our garden for dinner, and I should be sufficienly rested and relaxed to start another crazy week tomorrow.

And, in a complete surprise, I was nominated by Red Scot for a Brilliante Blog award!  I am very flattered.  It’s now my turn to nominate others, which I will, but I need to gather my thoughts and decide which of the many blogs I read I will nominate.

Stay tuned!  Life may not always be fun or easy, but it’s good, and I am blessed.


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