I’m sure you all were wondering all weekend, “Did she finish the socks?”  Not a moment’s sleep right?

Well, I did.  Friday night, I finished the toe of the second Nutkin sock and concluded my Summer Sock Marathon.

(They are not this blurry in real life.)

These may be my favorite socks from the Summer of Socks.  They were lined up to be knit long before most of the other pair, but others kept getting in the way…yarn already wound, pattern already printed, or some other detail to push these down the queue.  I’m glad I did them, though…they are lovely fall colors -Sophie’s Toes (this should have been the summer of Sophie’s Toes Socks!) American Patchwork–and in a simple but interesting pattern.  Details here.

So the Summer of Socks has officially ended and my goal of a sock a week was met!  I’m pretty impressed if I do say so.  It helps that they’re nice little portable projects, but with the crazy summer I had, I didn’t really think I’d make it.

So what’s next?  Well, it’s almost Autumn, right?  I guess a girl needs a sweater or two to go with all her socks.  I’ve got one started, and another lined up right after.  Maybe some holiday knitting?  Who knows!  But no more socks…at least not until Socktober!


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