Last night K and I went to see the Nationals (the worst team in baseball, mind you) sweep the Dodgers.  It was a great game — a player hit through the cycle, the team’s 500th home run was hit (they’ve only been a team in DC for a few years), and we had pretty decent seats.

What was more stirring, though, was the taxi ride home.  It was a little after 10 pm; the driver had the radio tuned to the DNC as Barack Obama took the podium to accept the nomination.  We caught the beginning of the speech as we rode down Independence Avenue, past memorials to Washington, WWI, WWII, FDR and Lincoln — this last, where 45 years ago last night Martin Luther King, Jr. made his “I Have a Dream” speech.

We got home (to a place that has its own spot in American History), flipped to CNN and caught the rest of the speech.  This election is already historic.  Would have been regardless of the Democratic nominee.  I’m pretty excited to be here in DC to watch it all unfold.


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