Q is for…


K had to be up and out early this morning, well before the sun rose, were it going to.  Instead, after the oh, so not quiet alarm crowed (yes, crowed — it is a rooster’s song that wakes us most mornings — fake of course, and so particularly jarring), I snuggled under the covers for another 45 minutes of sleep before I needed to begin my day.

Instead of slipping back into slumber, I heard the sound of cars on the wet road outside.  It rained overnight (a good thing, since there hasn’t been much rain around here lately) and we can always tell when the road is wet by the way the change in the sounds of the cars down below our windows.

Lately, the sun has been waking us (instead of the rooster) as it finds the chinks in our curtains and shines through our eyelids.  It’s been waking us later and later these last few weeks…a sure sign that summer is nearing its end and that a new season will soon be here.  Today, the sun didn’t make an appearance…too many clouds stood between us.  Instead of its blazing brightness demanding that I wake up, the quietness of the cloudy day penetrated my sleepy consciousness and urged me to abandon the night for the chilly gray dawn.


One thought on “Q is for…

  1. Love your new border … it helps to have a beach scene while trying to hold on to summer’s warmth as fall moves in … much too soon!

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