Yay for socks

For some reason, my office has been as cold as a meat locker for the past few weeks.  The building engineers keep coming, checking the temperature (56 degree air was coming out of the vent yesterday) closing off air flow, and telling us that “that oughta do it.”  We all then hope that the temp will rise (we have a digital thermometer to monitor the Ice Age in here), and it doesn’t.  Yesterday I wore a good fall cardigan, a cashmere/silk wrap, and hand knit wool socks.

At least my feet were warm.

Anyway, here are the Gumdrop socks, finished over the weekend and all washed & blocked:

I could probably have gone another row or two before starting the toe, but they’re stretchy enough to fit just fine (and I prefer tighter socks over looser).

And they’re reversible!

That was the fun of the garter stitch heel and toe.  The pattern looks cool either way you look at it.

Which way do you like best?

I’m hoping to finish the second Nutkin before the weekend…I’ve finished the heel…can I do it??


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