Meanwhile, in real life…

So that was an unintended blog break.  I meant to come back last weekend, give you the whole poem, and go on about the weekend in Manhattan.  Instead, I worked unusually long days, many days in a row, and pretty much got home at night in time to read the mail, brush my teeth, fall into bed and catch some sleep before starting all over again the next day.  It was not a good week.  I barely got any knitting done, either, which did not make me very happy. At all.

I think this week is going to be a doozie, too…although the light at the end of this tunnel is a long weekend, so I’ll keep thinking good thoughts as I put in the extra hours.

On a lighter note, K’s birthday was great.  We made it up on Friday evening for some Japanese food and a great Sake bar…Saturday we went to see Avenue Q (hilarious), hung out in Bryant Park for a few hours (what relaxation!), went to our favorite Russian Mafiaspot Restaurant where we tested their house-made vodka infusions (verdict: Pineapple — strange.  Mint–too mouthwashy.  Peach — too sweet. Pomegranate — yummy.  Pepper — not for the fainthearted.)  After dinner, off to Karaoke, where all manner of songs were sung and much fun was had by all.  K. was happy, so I was happy!

On Saturday morning my friend A. and I had pedicures at a place I like in Greenwich Village.  Afterwords, we wandered around a bit, working our way back towards our hotel.  Walking down a street I’d never been on before, I saw yarn.  In a window.  And lots of people inside.  A., a non-knitter (but one who might be interested in learning) indulged me and let me check it out.  I had completely, inadvertently stumbled upon The Point Knitting Cafe.  And they were having their annual sale!  I scored some Lornas Laces Sock at 50% off and some buttons for Eliot’s sweater (I lost the first set of buttons, which is why he hasn’t gotten it yet).  I hadn’t planned on doing any yarn-related activities that weekend (other than knitting on the train…after all, it was K’s weekend), but when the store appears right in front of you, well, you can’t not go in.  It was a cute store — every one super friendly — a bit crowded, since it was Saturday morning with classes going on and a sale, too…but I’ll definitely stop by again sometime, when I’ve time to sit, get a coffee, and knit a bit!

This weekend was also pretty great — friends of ours met us in Baltimore for a bit of sun, sailing and baseball.  The wrong team won, unfortunately, but I love me a good baseball game.

Two good weekends to bookend a hellacious week.

Like I said, not much knitting this week…but the gumdrop socks are done and drying after a little Soak…pictures soon.  Clapotis is waiting having ends woven in and blocking, but that’s another project done.  I’m hoping to get the second Nutkin sock finished (the first one was done on the train home last weekend) by the 9/1 deadline for the Summer of Socks…and I will have met my goal of a sock a week!  I’ve also started my part of Beth’s Afghan (one block done) and started a February Lady Sweater (again, pictures soon).  Plenty to keep me busy, when life doesn’t keep getting in the way.

Oh, and the poem…here it is, as translated by M.D. Herter Norton:


And you wait, are awaiting the one thing
that will infinitely increase your life;
the powerful, the uncommon,
the awakening of stones,
depths turned towards you.

Dimly there gleam in the bookcase
the volumes in gold and brown;
and you think of lands journeyed through,
of pictures, of the apparel
of women lost again.

And you know all at once: That was it.
You arise, and before you stands
a bygone year’s
anguish and form and prayer.


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in real life…

  1. Hey there! Just a quick check in! Glad you had a great NYC weekend! I miss you! Can’t wait for a hang out soon. Also, quick update. We’re *hoping* to have a pepper white with a black roof mini in our possession by Wednesday! Having some drama with the registration here to get to MD, but KEEP your fingers crossed! We may just come back from NH married AND driving a new mini! Yay! See you soon!~P~

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