Sock update

(because I couldn’t possibly go too long without blogging about socks!)

I think my enthusiasm for sock knitting is waning.  At the height of the Summer of Socks, having knit three pair in 5 weeks, I suspect I overextended myself when I cast on for not one, but two socks.

Gumdrop Socks

The July Rockin’ Sock Club kit came with 2 patterns — anklets and these.  The anklets didn’t appeal to me, but this pattern was intriguing.  The socks are reversible!  A garter stitch short row heel!  The pattern is 9 pages, though, with lots of charts…not a simple sock!  So it was destined to be my “at home” sock, for when I could go row by row.  But that means I needed an “on the go” sock, so I cast on for…


(the colors are truer in the first picture, but I wanted to show how pretty it looks in the pattern…if I do say so myself)

This pattern has been at the top of my queue for ages.  I had just the yarn for it too — Sophie’s Toes in American Patchwork.  The folded-over hem at the top is fiddly, but once you get the hang of the 10-row repeat, you don’t need the pattern and it’s great for portable knitting.  It’s just going so much slower since I’m only working on it when I’m not home.  I can probably get it done in a few more sittings, though I fear the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome with these…

I guess my progress isn’t bad at all — 1 Gumdrop plus another that is almost at the heel-turning point, and almost one Nutkin.  Will I finish both pair before the end of August?  Will I make my goal of a sock a week during the Summer of Socks?  Tune in later (next week?) to find out!

Oh. And I may have started a sweater.


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