knitalongs and readalongs

This post is not about socks, promise!

I am somewhat of a solitary knitter.  Sure, I love knitting with other knitters, but I’ve never really been one for weekly knitting nights (although I do always intend to go one day, it never happens).  I love knitting in the comfort of my home or at a cafe at lunchtime.  Knitting is definitely “me” time and I cherish it.

This, however, does not mean I don’t like the knitting community!  Most certainly not.  In fact, having friends with whom I can discuss knitting (in front of non-knitters is especially fun coughpiacough) is important to me.  My friend Beth recently moved away from the DC area to Kentucky and then a few weeks later had a baby.  I miss her a lot!  She recently got the book Knitalong and last week proposed a little knitalong of her own, with a project from the book.  I am really jazzed about this, knitting my bit for a pretty something that will adorn and warm her family in her home far away from here.  Can’t wait to start! (and have a break from socks…)

In addition to knitting, reading is my other hobby (I don’t know if hobby is really the right word…maybe sanity-saving pastime?).  I usually listen to audiobooks as I’m knitting on the Metro or at lunchtime.  At home, if K is around we usually catch up on the shows he likes to watch on TV, and if he’s not, I’m catching up on the shows I like to watch (our tastes in TV shows don’t really overlap but I’m less picky about what’s on, particularly because I can tune it out and knit!).  Bound paper books don’t spend as much time in my hands as they used to, but this doesn’t mean I’m not reading!  Glenna has spearheaded a new group on Ravelry reading 20th Century literature.  I’m loving the setup of the group — 6 books over a year.  Read as much or as little as you want/can, and see where the wind and the words take us!  The first book is Rebecca — which I’ve never read.  I’ve got it queued up on and can’t wait to start.

Looking forward to expanding my community of knitters and readers.


One thought on “knitalongs and readalongs

  1. Why thank you for the shout-out! I’m just all agog that we’ve gathered so many members in the last few days. I’ve got my copy of Rebecca raring to go, now I just have to start it 🙂

    PS even if your post were about socks that would be OK. Maybe Rebecca needs some socks…

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