Wow, am I boring or what?  I check in here once a week with nothing but socks to talk about.  Well, here’s some more for ya:

I like them!  Wore them all day Sunday, even though I haven’t really worn socks in months.  They’re a little twisty, since all the bias goes one way, but that’s OK.  I’m glad to have finally used this yarn (although there’s a lot left!).  The Summer of Socks has been good for using up some stash.

It’s been super busy chez moi.  K is out of the country for a week or so, but instead of reveling in my solitude I’m putting in long hours at work.  Doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

But the sock knitting continues!  (Only one more month of the Summer of Socks…better make it count…although my sweater-knitting yearnings are starting to rear their woolly heads)  Next up, the July offering of the Rockin’ Sock Club.  I totally skipped over May since the pattern didn’t appeal and I didn’t want to make purple socks at the time (what’s this?  the socks above are purple?  you don’t say.  they’re not the RSC purple, though, which is still obediently not wound up and will stay that way until the purple urge comes again).  But the July yarn…while not something I would have chosen, is pretty.  And for some reason much softer than I remember Socks that Rock being.  And the pattern, mucho fun.  Here’s a shot of the yarn, and maybe when I post again in a week (ha ha) you’ll see a sock from it.


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