Summer Calm

Well, still knitting socks. I didn’t like the spring forward pattern for this yarn (although I did like the pattern), so I frogged them and started on a different pattern. I’ll do the spring forward in a solid so the pattern is the star, not the yarn.

This is where I’d show you a picture of the latest socks, but the camera cord seems to be MIA once again.  They are the Mockery Socks (rav link), a rather simple pattern with a 10-row repeat.  I’ve got one sock done and have about 2/3 of the second.  You’ll just have to imagine them until the camera cord reappears!

I’m doing these toe-up instead of top-down, and changed the stitch count to 60 instead of the pattern’s 72, as my feet seem to like 60ish-stitch socks on size 0 or 1 needles. These socks are based on a multiple of 6, so 60 works just fine. Also switched the heel to a short-row heel.

I think I prefer the short row — it goes faster and makes me feel like I’m making progress. And since I think I’m definitely a product (not process) knitter when it comes to socks, I’d rather not spend the extra time with a gusset and flap or some other heel construction. Plus, I can do the short-row heel in my sleep, whereas I need to closely read a pattern for other heels.

Anyway… I’m going to finish the second Mockery sock this week (a week ahead of my sock-a-week schedule — yay!) so I can get started on the July installment of the Rockin’ Sock Club. It hasn’t arrived yet, but it should arrive this week, which will be good timing. If I have between-sock time, I’ll keep making progress on Clapotis. I’ve only got 1 1/2 repeats left in the straight section before the decreases so I’m really looking forward to the next step and also to finishing the wrap.

In non-knitting news…not much, really. It’s July. It’s hot. What else is there? The weekend was enjoyable, with a wedding shower/luncheon for friends of ours, dinner out with Pia on Sunday, where it was hotter inside than out (sweaty and true). Time keeps marching on! Fortunately the craziness of June has slowed to a pretty easy lull of midsummer. Truly can’t complain.


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