Next in line…

Nothing too exciting to report…back in DC where it’s hot, but not unbearably so. Maybe it’s not all that humid so it doesn’t feel so gross? Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

I’ve started a new sock — the popular Spring Forward from the Summer Knitty. Just finished the cuff, so I can’t really comment on the pattern, but it looks pretty simple.

Colorway is Iris, from Sophie’s Toes (looks like a shop update is due!). I bought a bunch of sock yarn from her last September (I think) and never used it, except for this Monkey sock, which is waiting to be frogged and re-knit on smaller needles. I’m really enjoying knitting with the yarn — after the untwisty Adorn sock of the Show-off Stranded Socks, the tighter twist of this yarn makes me happy. The colors are also fun and keep my interest as they vary, whether from color to color as with Iris, or from shade to shade in the Hot Sauce I used for the Marigolds. I need to broaden my horizons, though, and try some other sock yarn! I’ve only ever used Socks that Rock and Sophie’s Toes for socks. I’ve used Koigu KPPPM for other projects and liked it and have some in the stash, so maybe I’ll try that soon. I also have some Shibui Sock in this color — Pia says it’s great to knit with so maybe that next (any suggestions on a pattern to go with?)

As much as I’m enjoying the Summer of Socks, my thoughts are straying…I really want a wearable sweater for the fall/winter. I love my Hourglass but it just doesn’t fit right and I know I’ll only wear it occasionally. I have me some Rowan goodness that could make several different sweaters and some Cascade 220 that is slated for Notre Dame De Grace from Interweave. Of course it’s too hot for heavy knitting anywhere but in the a/c, but I can’t help but start thinking about what “big” project to start next. Clapotis is coming along (made loads of progress in airports and on planes coming back from Rochester) so that should be ready when the weather starts to cool in a couple (few?) months.

Decisions, decisions. While I think, I’ll keep working on the socks.


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