It was definitely a working vacation.

Donated: 12 boxes of books, 6 boxes of other stuff.

Trash: 3 large garbage bags, 4 boxes of CD covers (not recyclable?)

Recycled: 4 boxes of papers, 1 additional shredded.

Shipped to DC: 6 boxes.

Left in the attic: one stereo, antique typewriter, antique microscope and a guitar. Fates to be determined. Also left: childhood porcelain dolls — my mom couldn’t bear to part with them. I shed nary a tear.

So my left-behind in Rochester life went from this:


and this:

to this:


which will arrive in DC sometime next week.

The walk down memory lane was necessarily a quick one — the attic was hot and I didn’t have time to get all sentimental over stuff. This was probably a good thing. I enjoyed the reminiscences. Letters from childhood friends, embarrassing photos from the adolescent years, junk I can’t fathom why I kept (now in the trash!), and cherished items re-found and kept.

Like the needlepoint my dad did for when I was small:

Clearly craftiness runs in the family.

(the yarn is still vibrant although the fabric is dirty. Any ideas on how to restore?)

Clothes made for my dolls by dear friends of the family…

I’m quite proud of how much I got rid of. Happy to get some things back I’ve been thinking of over the last 5 years. Glad the job is behind me.


4 thoughts on “Done.

  1. Hi, Jessie! I’m actually working at the Textile Museum now and taking classes on fabric conservation, so I’d be happy to look into ways to help you restore your pieces. Yay!

  2. congrats! when I was in nh last weekend, I had to through a large box of photos…and it was amazing for every 1 great photo, there were three blurry ones that I was tossing. It felt so liberating!
    Life gets better with me starting Thursday!!!

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