Summer of Socks

I’m on vacation!

Taking the week off to do a bunch of things. We had a blast on the 4th, although it was a bit rainy. The DC fireworks were pretty fantastic, and the drizzle let up so the crowds could put down their umbrellas for the duration of the display. Hooray! The walk back wasn’t so much fun though.

Next, sailing. No summer holiday weekend is complete without at least a night on the boat! We headed down to Annapolis for a couple days. It was HOT. Not much wind. We melted into pools of perspiration. Yuck. But we had a great time, ate some great food (bananas foster!), and managed some good relaxation with friends.

I’ve been chillin’ ever since. Until today, as I head up to Rochester, NY, where a rather daunting project awaits…my mom is moving at the end of the year, and well, all my earthly belongings that are not in my apartment here are in her attic. And since it doesn’t really make sense for her to schlep all my stuff to another state, it’s about time for me to make some decisions. Like do I need to keep that paper from my freshman seminar? How about the tattered paperbacks that I’m never going to read? Sheets for a bed I no longer own? CDs that are now all stored electronically? This should be interesting.

Anyway, in my down time (how lovely it has been), I’ve been productive. The Summer of Socks began a couple weeks ago, and I decided it would be a great opportunity to cast on more projects. I mean, projects that don’t take up an entire lap, are very portable, and, if worked on with dedication, quickly finished.

Exhibit A:

Ooh, sorry about the blurry. These are Show off Stranded Socks…a super easy top-down pattern that zipped right along. I really loved the colors in this yarn — it’s the Adorn Sock yarn from Three Irish Girls, colorway Nora (after the daughter of our LYS’s owner — it was the February pick of her stash club). The colors just scream summer. As I was knitting I kept thinking of chocolate covered frozen bananas, Popsicles, creamsicles, Italian ice…all sorts of yummy cool summertime treats.


see what I mean? These I actually began a couple weeks ago, but I finished them while on the boat, so they definitely count as vacation knitting. Details here. My only complaint is that they’re baggy around the ankles. I guess a little roomy is better than too tight, right?

As soon as I finished those, I cast on for new socks…my Summer of Socks goal is a sock a week, and so far so good. I doubt that I’ll meet that goal all the way to September, but I’ll keep to it as long as I can! Boy, let me tell you what sitting at home all day can do knitting-wise. I often sit at work wishing I could sit at home all day and knit…and now I know why!

Began on Sunday night, cast off while sitting at the DMV (yes, now that I’ve lived in DC for 2 years I’m finally getting the new license…)

Marigold socks…in a very Marigold-y color (although the colorway is actually called “I’d like mine with extra hot sauce,” by Sophie’s Toes. I love it). The color is pretty true here…and it is ORANGE! This sock also zipped right along, from toe to top. We’ll see how far I get on its mate while doing the plane/train/automobile shuffle to NY. You can see its little toe is already on its way!

So the vacation so far has been grand. I can’t wait to see friends and family up in Ra-cha-cha, and walk down memory lane. Hopefully I’ll keep my act together and blog about it!


3 thoughts on “Summer of Socks

  1. A sock a week is a great goal, that’s how I always like to shoot for when I’m knitting socks. Lately I’ve been slowed down though, which is weird given all the summer time and freedom. Clearly, I need to apply myself more and KNIT KNIT KNIT. 😉

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