good weekend

When a weekend includes old friends and new friends, a grill and a baseball game, really good news, relaxation, productivity, blueberry pancakes and yarn acquisition, it has to be a good weekend. I am a fortunate girl to have all that this weekend.

Bethany was in town for a conference so I got to see my old roommate for the first time in a long while. After a yummy Saturday breakfast of from-scratch blueberry pancakes (with fresh from the farmers market blueberries), we headed out to Silver Spring to check out the Crafty Bastards arts & crafts fair, along with Pia, who graciously let me hang out at her house for the rest of the day. A BBQ was the order of the evening, much fun was had (and much beer! and Wii! and knitting!) by all (well, just Pia and I knit).

Oh, the CB art fair. This was my first experience — I missed last fall’s which was in Adams Morgan. Despite the 90+ degree temps, it was a good thing (the strawberry-lemon italian ice helped)!
I was proud of how much I didn’t buy, but I didn’t walk away empty-handed, either.

Crafty Bastards Loot

(Click on the photo to take you to flickr for some notes)

I love the mousepad (oh, the irony), which I’m going to take to the office. The ceramic button will grace a cherished finished knit someday. The yarn will make some cozy mitts someday when it’s cold again. I also got a little project bag (so did Pia — more deets on her blog)

I like the color and design of the little pouch…perfect for a sock in progress. (And is that a finished sock I see??)

So yeah, a good day yesterday. Today was fun, too…albeit HOT. Went to the Nationals game, suffered through 12 innings for a very satisfactory 2-run walk-off homer to lift the home team to victory.

But the best of it all is that Mitch & Beth welcomed a not-so-little addition to the family: Eliot Benedict! The new guy will be updating his blog here just as soon as he gets that pesky hospital ID off. I am so happy for them…they are going to be (already are) fantastic parents.


4 thoughts on “good weekend

  1. I had no idea you picked up so much stuff!!!
    Great meeting you Bethany and such a fun night!!! More MarioKart and Knitting in the future!!!! yay for new friends!

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