in bloom

Just a few pictures from the garden. The weather in DC has been spectacular this week, after the last round of thunderstorms. I don’t think it got up to 80 in the last two or three days…divine! I’m sure we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled sweat-fest that is Summer in the nation’s capital shortly, but both the plants and I have been loving the mild weather.

Tomato flower:

which lives on this plant (well two plants):

I think I need another cage…these babies are even taller today (I took the picture yesterday)


loving the early morning sunlight…

And, in remembrance of my grandmother, who passed away this week last year, some angel wing begonia flowers:

This plant is from a cutting of one of grandma’s plants. A year ago it was just a leaf…since then it has taken root, grown, been repotted and is now flowering.

I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.


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