So June has been super crazy.  Good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.  Visitors every weekend, longer hours at work (our firm has never heard the term “summer hours”, no siree.), some academic work, and lots of travel for K.  All the activity really throws off the schedule!  But there has been some good knitting time.  One weekend’s visitors were friends from grad school.  Kat is a knitter (taught by yours truly!) and recent (like, yesterday) Ravelry convert.  Yay, Kat!  She worked on her first sock while I worked on this:

Ooh!  More stockinette!  But the more astute of you out there might notice the subtle twisted stitches every 5 or 6 stitches.  Could it be?  Yes, it is!  I have joined the ranks of thousands of others  (seriously, there are over 6000 of these on Ravelry) knitting the Clapotis (Clap-oh-TEE).  It’s beautiful.  And really not hard at all, if you’ve got your trusty stitch markers!

With this project I’ve also come to understand the amazingness that is Malabrigo.  This is the softest wool I’ve ever had pass through my fingers.  I love to rub it on my cheek…makes me so happy!  I rubbed it on K’s cheek…he didn’t get it.  Oh, well.  His loss.  But I do have to say I’m a little crazy for breaking out the worsted wool on the hottest weekend of the year!  What was I thinking?

I was thinking that I wanted a project on bigger needles.

After finishing the back of Isabella,

I needed a break from the size tiny needles that are required for that project.  Then I made great progress on the Clap (as it’s affectionately called), so much so that it doesn’t fit in my bag anymore for lunch-time knitting.

(see its really cute new project bag?  yay, Ravelry!)

So I’ve returned to Isabella, and am on the waist increasing for the front.  I really do plan on wearing it this summer, so I should keep going!  But, as always happens, something else came up.  In this case, a little cutie named Olivia, who arrived last week to friends of K.’s  We didn’t even know she was expected (thanks to typical guy communication).  So some emergency baby knitting was suddenly in order.

Mason-Dixon to the rescue!

They’re right, this is fast!  I started last night and should finish it in another good sitting.  Which is good, since it’s sized newborn, and kids don’t stay that size very long!

Ok.  Back to the craziness!  If you’re lucky, a meme tomorrow!


One thought on “Craziness

  1. so i laughed out loud at the “k doesn’t get it” comment on soft yarn! boys … ugh!

    i’m heading to ravelry right now to check out the malabrigo pattern. & you are a bit nuts – the hot weather is the only thing saving my yarn “budget” (or lack-thereof). i want nothing more than a bigger-needled easy knit-knit-knit pattern. like a sweater, say. perhaps the hourglass sweater? some day soon i hope!

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